Training Programs That Inspire Performance, Productivity and Wellness

Sustained Effort provides professional training and development workshops for organizations that are committed to creating a "Culture of Performance, Productivity and Wellness" within the workforce. Program participants are provided with fundamental knowledge and skill development tools to facilitate positive behavior change. Sustained Effort trainings provide essential strategies and attitudes necessary for participants to move towards becoming more productive and healthier in their personal and professional lives. The Sustained Effort storefront offers apparel to individuals, teams, and business that encourage persistence and perseverance for success. We are dedicated to inspiring you to live life with passion and purpose. Sustained Effort apparel is designed to have personal symbolic meaning while providing a sense of increased inspiration to capture personal and professional goals in every dimension of your life. (Business, Relationships, Family, Community, Education, Athletics, Spiritual, Wellness, Fitness, and more.)

Sustained Effort services target corporations, organizations and small business. The trainings are specifically designed to increase employee performance and productivity, strengthen teamwork skills and improve overall wellness.

Trainings can be provided as individual presentations, or as a program package consisting of multiple workshops over a pre-arranged time period. Workshop participant size can range from small class room type environments to large auditorium settings. The workshops range in length from 45 minutes, 90 minutes, half-day and full-day. Most can be modified to fit your organizations needs. All of our presentations and workshops are delivered using a multimedia format and include handout packets for continued learning and growth.

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David P. Przybylo

David P. Przybylo is the founder and President of Sustained Effort. David has over twenty five years of experience providing seminars, programs and keynotes. Dave believes that success is a product of determination and perseverance and that any individual or group can attain success as a result of possessing a Sustained Effort attitude. David is highly-regarded as a dynamic presenter and can get things moving by establishing rapport with the audience and generating a contagious energy that gets everyone excited and involved to create an ideal atmosphere for learning. David's diverse past experience includes work as a Health Education Coordinator, Training and Development Business Owner, High School and College Basketball Coach, NBA Scout for the Miami Heat and Vice President of Technical Resource Solutions. David holds a Master of Science Degree in Health Education. Call for more information to discuss what you need for your next workshop or seminar.