The Sustained Effort Message

Sustained Effort means to persist, to keep going despite obstacles, losses or setbacks, to continue moving forward until you have completed your goal or mission.

In business, as in life, we are often taken aback by unexpected events. Sometimes these events are beneficial and help us achieve our goals. However, more often than not, we face challenges that have the potential to permanently derail us from making our dreams come true. All of us face uncertainties, setbacks, adversity and loss every day. It’s often a challenge to navigate a career and the path to personal fulfillment while trying to overcome these obstacles.

Despite what many people may think, success in business and in life is typically not realized by luck, academics, talent or some formula. The truth is, lasting success on any level comes from a sustained effort. With a sustained effort, and a few good strategies, reaching a goal or overcoming an obstacle whether it’s in your personal or professional life, is not only possible, but readily attainable. To maintain a sustained effort is a choice. It’s not a simple, one-time choice, it’s a daily one. There’s never a final decision.

Persevering with a sustained effort attitude is the critical component in achieving success for every dimension in life. Whether it’s to create a positive habit, change a behavior, enhance leadership, maximize a growth strategy or build a competitive advantage. Combining the right strategies with persistence, discipline and tenacity makes learning from failure a reality. Maximizing your true potential, whether it’s personal or professional is the result of learning how to embody a sustained effort attitude to condition yourself to overcome the challenges that get in the way of success.

Remember, fall seven times, stand up eight.


Sustained Effort workshops are interactive training sessions providing tools and strategies for individuals and organizations to become more productive and healthier. Sustained Efforts workshops were formulated to create a personal and organizational culture of performance and wellness.

Sustained Efforts goal is to provide workshops that engage and motivate an audience, helping audience members make a connection between their work and their lives, and to teach principles of wellness, performance, teamwork, effort, leadership and communication to help people accomplish their personal and professional goals.The sustained effort message - success requires sustained focused effort - is ingrained in every workshop. Workshop participants learn goal execution strategies that enhance their ability to:

  • Set a goal so that they will persist even in the face of adversity
  • Build willpower, which can be strengthened like a muscle
  • Avoid the kind of negative thinking that makes people fail

Workshop topics target Health Promotion - Wellness, Life Balance, Leadership Development, Personal and Professional Improvement, Communication, and Team Work.


The Sustained Effort Storefront offers apparel to individuals, teams and organizations. Each apparel item displays a positive message to encourage persistence and perseverance for success. Sustained Effort apparel is designed to have personal symbolic meaning while providing a sense of increased inspiration to capture personal and professional goals in every dimension of life. At Sustained Effort we believe the themes used on our apparel can invade the body and mind, putting the wearer into a positive psychological state that creates a atmosphere for improved performance, productivity and wellness. Inspiration comes in many forms, but one of the best ways to stay inspired is to remind yourself to stay the course on a positive thinking path. Wearing an uplifting and inspirational message can help you change the course of your day. Each time you look in the mirror the simple message will remind you to live courageously, with a purpose.