Sustained Effort means to persist, to keep going despite obstacles, losses or setbacks, to continue moving forward until you have completed your goal or mission. Despite what many people may think, success in business and in life is typically not realized by luck, academics, talent or some formula. The truth is, lasting success on any level comes from a sustained effort. Persevering with a sustained effort attitude is the critical component in achieving success for every dimension in life. Whether it’s to create a positive habit, change a behavior, enhance leadership, maximize a growth strategy or build a competitive advantage.


Sustained Effort offers interactive workshops providing tools and strategies for individuals and organizations to become more productive and healthier. Our workshops engage and motivate an audience and help audience members make a connection between their work and their lives. Workshop topics include Wellness, Performance, Leadership and Communication Skills. Sustaind Effort workshops create a personal and organizational culture of performance and wellness.


The Sustained Effort Storefront offers apparel to individuals, teams and organizations. Our apparel items display a message to encourage persistence and perseverance for success. Sustained Effort apparel is designed to have personal symbolic meaning for the wearer while providing a sense of increased inspiration to capture personal and professional goals in every dimension of life.